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The scores on Glassdoor!

Best companies to work for 2020

Find a Restaurant Manager Career at a Glassdoor- Best Company to Work for 2020

We recently had some seriously celebratory news, and we can’t help but shout about it!

Ever heard of a Glassdoor review? The Glassdoor website allows previous or current employees to review companies they work or have worked for. Each year Glassdoor releases a list of their ‘Best Companies to Work for’, where they rank 50 companies by their overall rating and reviews.

We are super excited to announce that Las Iguanas were voted 11th Best Company to Work. We were also the highest placed restaurant brand! This is all down to the real restaurant experts- our people. Like we always say our people really are our recipe for success. At Las Iguanas we treat our people like family, and the proof is in the pudding.

Although it’s technically a large company, it still has the feel of a small business where every employee is valued and heard.

Leaving a review on Glassdoor is simple. The individual leaves one type of review e.g. company review, salary review, interview review etc. for the employer once a year. They are required to leave a star rating, as well as an overall rating of how their experience with the company. They also must leave a pro and a con of their opinion of the employer as well as some advice for management. Below are some examples of reviews left on our company profile, straight from the Iguanas mouth…

We are really focused on delivering the very best and always improving everything we do. Receiving feedback is crucial for us to grow as a brand, because our people are who shape Las Iguanas into what it is today and what it will become.

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