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The FAB Challenge

Sizzle with the best

At Las Iguanas we love to celebrate our peoples potential. A spectacular way we explore their talent is through the ‘FAB Challenge’. This challenge is held twice a year and it gives 13 Bartenders and 8 Chefs across our 55 restaurants the chance of winning some seriously stimulating prizes!

The FAB Challenge is a great way to observe and reward the impeccable skills that our people at Las Iguanas have to offer our guests. As part of the challenge the Chefs had to create and design a dish that either incorporated or could be paired with the spirit Kalani. Our Chefs really did turn up the heat in the kitchen with their mouth-watering entries. Anthuvanjoseph Pauraj from our Cardiff Mermaid Quay restaurant came second and therefore won a £500.00 cash prize. Our joint third place winners Manu Sudhakaran from Newcastle Quay and Fanni Fejes also from our Cardiff restaurant both won £250.00 each.

Although every dish was dazzlingly good consequently there could only be one winner. Justine Augusty’s prawn skewer dish won over the judges bellies, winning him a trip to Mexico! Joining Justine in Mexico was our first and second place Bartender winners.  Alan Lawrence from Cambridge and Courtney Francis from Bournemouth showcase their ingenious cocktail creations. Completely original, these cocktails were made of either Kalani or Huana and only three other ingredients.

Our people really are a recipe for success. They live and breathe Latin life. The rewards they receive are a token of our gratitude for their contribution to Las Iguanas.

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